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If you are interested in Fostering one of these sweet faces for PCAR please fill out our adoption application

The act of fostering dogs brings about numerous benefits and positive outcomes for both the dogs and the individuals who foster. Not only does it allow you to experience the joy of nurturing these rescue animals during their journey to finding their forever homes but to play such a vital role in their rehabilitation and socialization is beyond gratifying. 


Bella is a 1.5 year old German Shepard Boxer Mix. 

Bella 4
Bella 3
Bella has to come to us looking for a new home due to the not ideal housing situation her current owner is in.

She is very sweet and has lots of energy to go hiking, playing, and learning new commands and tricks.

She's had some rough times with other aggressive dogs and may need to be the only dog at first. 
Learn more about Bella! 
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  Can you help Scout? 

Sadly, Scout's current foster home has some flooding repairs that require vacancy, he is in desperate need of a new or temporary foster home while he awaits his forever home.

8/9 yr. old Scout on his first day at his foster home after he was relinquished to us. Thankfully the family realized being confined to a kennel for several years was no way for this sweet boy to live. 

Scout is so grateful to be in a place where he is free to roam around and to receive and give affection. 

He loves to play outside or simply snuggle up on the couch. He loves treats and playing with other dogs. 

He wants to find a place to call home where his family will include him in daily life and activities. 

Scout deserves to live out his years in an affectionate home. He has so much love to give.

Please reach out today if you have it in your heart to help Scout, whether temporary or permanently, he needs your help today, he will pay you in kisses and loyalty.  


Meet Tia!


She's 3.5 years old and in need of a new home, or foster, hopefully within the 30 days.

Very affectionate and loves to be by her person's side. 

Contact us to learn
more about this sweet girl

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