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About Us

Our Mission:

At Pawsitive Connection Animal Rescue we embrace the power of love and compassion to transform lives. Our dedicated team of animal enthusiasts is driven by a single mission: to rescue, rehabilitate, and secure forever homes for vulnerable creatures.

With boundless affection we nurture these animals back to their true nature, witnessing their remarkable journey from pain to joy. Together let's build a future where neglect and abuse have no place, and every animal finds a devoted family and home. 


Our Vision:

Pawsitive Connection envisions a world where every animal thrives in a loving and safe environment. Through relentless dedication, education, and community engagement, our nonprofit strives to create a society that values and protects all animals. 
We dream of a future where no animal is left behind, where compassion knows no bounds, and where the bonds between humans and animals is cherished. 

Who Are We?

The Rescue Renegades!


Meet Krystal and Nichole. COMING SOON! 

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