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Do you have the heart
to save a life today? 
When you adopt, you save two lives! 

Meet Baxter!


Baxter is right around the (one) year old mark! 
He is still all puppy and very eager to learn and please his human, he has so much love to give! 

Baxter is a lab/terrier mix. He is super friendly, outgoing, and loves playing with his rescue siblings. He loves to show affection and will soak up every drop of attention he can. He has been patiently waiting for a family of his own to come. His brother was recently adopted and now it's his turn! 


Penelope has been a great big rescue sister to Windy & Cloudy! Arriving scared & timid it's been a joy to watch her blossom into the dog she was meant to be. She would thrive in a loving, quiet, gentle, and patient home. She would do great in a home with another dog, or multiple. She loves playing and enjoys being outside but also enjoys snuggles on the couch. She is the most patient and calm dog we currently have; she sits and waits for her food or treats. She gets very excited for her humans!
Can you give Penelope the life she deserves after the rough young life on the streets she started with?


Penelope is a bit over (one) year old and is a terrier, lab, coonhound mix. 

Look at that smile! 

This darling boy deserves to live in a loving and safe home, away from cages, with lots of playtime, treats and love!

Marley 2.jpg

8/9 year-old Marley on his rescue ride to his foster home, after being in a kennel most of his life.

Marley has been doing so well in his loving foster home and has overcome the fear of bridges! Check out this sweet video of Marley below! 

He is ready to spend his golden years in a loving home where he can show his family how much he appreciates them
including him in everyday life, where he can soak up the snuggles, and get plenty of exercise! 

Will Marley make the perfect 
addition to your family?

Contact PCAR today to learn more about Marley and how you can give him the best years of his life. 

Meet Scout!


Scout is so grateful to be in a place where he is free to roam around and to receive and give affection. 

He loves to play outside or simply snuggle up on the couch. He loves treats and playing with other dogs. 

He wants to find a place to call home where his family will include him in daily life and activities. 

8/9 yr. old Scout on his first day at his foster home after he was relinquished to us. Thankfully the family realized being confined to a kennel for several years was no way for this sweet boy to live. 


Scout deserves to live out his years in an affectionate home. He has so much love to give.

Please reach out today if you have it in your heart to help Scout, whether temporary or permanently, he needs your help today, he will pay you in kisses and loyalty.  

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