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At Pawsitive Connection Animal Rescue we embrace
the power of love and compassion to transform lives.

We envision a world where every animal
thrives in a loving and safe environment.


To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in crisis, ensure healthy pets through education, advocacy and affordable services, and inspire a community where the animal-human bond is celebrated and nurtured.

Giving second chances one life at a time.

Can't adopt? Become a Foster! 

Meet our sweet dogs that rehoming!

Urgent Cases! 

These dogs are in urgent need of foster homes, forever homes,

transportation, medical care, etc.


These are extreme cases and need your help! Can't foster or adopt?

Please share on your social media or verbally with your friends & loved ones.


These dogs NEED saving immediately!

Meet Daisy! Please share about Daisy!
Daisy was dumped on a rural road, to fend for herself, on Easter. Luckily it was across from a house with very caring people who truly are heroes. Not only abandon but obviously neglected and not getting enough food. 

Her heroes can foster her for the time being, but we would like to get her to Vermont! 

Help us find Daisy a home in Vermont, whether it's a temporary foster home or her forever home, we want to give her the life she deserves! 

About Daisy, she is possibly still young as she has a lot of energy but is also stuck inside a lot right now. She adores her foster family; she is good a leash and very good off leash staying in the yard. She's been Ok with chickens and cats, seems curious and wants to play. She knows basic commands (sit, roll over, paw), responds well to "no", listens well, and picks up things quickly. Daisy is definitely food driven and treat driven and may be a little overprotective of her food and her toys at first. 

This girl has been through a lot and needs a patient, gentle, attentive, affectionate and caring environment. Being the only dog might be the best start for her until she can trust her new family and settle in. We don't know the extent of her neglect or abuse. She needs genuine love, respect, and protection. 

Please help give Daisy a second chance at life, to learn how to be a dog that is loved and show her not all humans are horrible and mean.

Rehoming needed!
Foster or Forever!

Check out this handsome boy, Glacier.
Beautiful 3.5-year-old Husky
in need of rehoming.

He needs a family that has more time to commit to him, get him out for play and exercise as well as be socialized with other humans and dogs. He gets along with other dogs but has not been around cats or other animals. 

Currently located in Vermont! Please share this beautiful soul and let's see if we can find him the perfect forever home that suits his needs. 
438127903_8375307935829309_1263729168841620273_n (1)
Please share and reach out to support us in helping Glacier find his new forever home. Fostering is an option as well if the setting allows him the freedom and attention he needs. 

Sweet dogs from the south, saved from euthanasia

Iris, Luna and Bella

Iris and her daughters are ready for their new, safe, loving homes!
Boston Terrier mixes, Iris is about 3 years old, and her puppies are about 10 months.  She has been such a good mom, despite have a rough go in the south and being extremely skinny when she arrived to us in Vermont. She has come a long way! All three are very friendly with people, kids, and other dogs. 


Iris, now! Healthy & happy, ready for her family to come bring her home!

Two out of four of Iris's puppies have been adopted!

Luna & Bella are patiently waiting for loving homes. Sadly, they have been cancelled on twice due to the breed they are mixed with. 

These puppies are adorable, well behaved, affectionate, 80% potty trained, and ready to be a part of their own family. 

Two sweet boys who lived in cages for many years looking for loving homes!
Scout & Marley are both a bit older, 8-9 yrs. old. They are both so grateful to not spend their days in cage style kennels anymore. 
Both boys are thriving in their foster homes, they love walks and stay close to their humans. Seeing the puppy in their hearts shine when they play outside is why we, at PCAR do what we do! The smile on these boys faces the same day being released from those cages says it all! 

Marley & Scout are waiting to be able to spend their senior years with gentle, caring people, preferably in safe open spaces. 

Dogs are the true meaning of unconditional love.

Every dog deserves to be in a loving and safe home, with a family that allows them to live a happy dog life! 
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